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Alramlah Albayda Mining

Alramla Albayda Mining Company is a leading Saudi company in the field of mining, production and processing of raw materials, which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia abounds within its folds, in addition to supplying and storing raw materials and unloading ships coming to Saudi ports and transporting them to factories and companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with high efficiency with experience of up to three decades. from time.
Alramla Albayda Mining has a work team consisting of highly experienced and skilled experts and specialists, in addition to a factory at the highest level of international standards for grinding and grinding raw materials, in addition to an integrated and updated fleet with the latest heavy equipment and trucks necessary to secure mining, processing and transportation operations.
Why choose to cooperate with Alramlet Albayda Mining Company?

We strive to provide high quality services and excellence in the mining industry. We are proud to be part of the industrial sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by using the latest technologies to extract raw materials and owning

1- The best types of raw materials such as (silica, kaolin, limestone, feldspar – red clay – industrial salt) in all sizes.

2_ Quarries for raw materials licensed in the company’s name.

3-We have an integrated fleet of trucks, dump trucks, and heavy equipment.

4_ The presence of a special warehouse to store imported materials in the city of Dammam.

5- We also own a number of factories for grinding and crushing raw materials.

6- In addition, we own many fixed and mobile crushers.

7_ In addition to supplying and storing raw materials and unloading ships arriving at Saudi ports.

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