Services and products

What are the raw materials provided by Alramla Albayda Mining Company and the most important services?

The company has been working in the field of mining and supplying raw materials since 1404 AH

It is considered the main contractor for most of the Kingdom’s companies in the field of ceramics, porcelain, cement, and pottery pipes.

Mining sectors

The company provides production, processing and supply services to factories of raw materials, including (silica, sodium feldspar, potassium feldspar, limestone, red clay, industrial salt, red kaolin, white kaolin).


Silica is used in many industries including glass, ceramics, electronics and insulating materials. We are always keen to provide silica

Red kaolin

It is a type of clay mineral that is characterized by its light red to light brown color, and is used in many industries such as ceramics,

Industrial salt

Industrial salt is used in many industries, including the food and beverage industry, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paints, adhesives, and pesticides. As a company,

White kaolin

The most prominent characteristic of white kaolin is its many physical properties that make it an extremely

Sodium feldspar

Sodium feldspar has unique properties that make it an important material in various industries. It is used

Potassium feldspar

Potassium feldspar is one of the common types of feldspar and is highly resistant to heat and

Shipping and warehousing sectors

The company provides the service of unloading ships from Saudi ports and transporting them to the customer The company owns an integrated fleet of trucks and tippers amounting to more than 250 tippers, and heavy equipment amounting to (40 shovels + 25 bulldozers + 15 buckets) to secure mining, processing, transportation and supply operations, in addition to the company owning a group of fixed and mobile crushers, which makes the company an… We are fully prepared to cooperate with major companies and factories in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the sectors of mining, shipping, unloading, as well as storage, with high efficiency and in accordance with the highest standards.